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  • Autism Therapy
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Social Skills Training

Journey Autism and Behavioral Care Centers

Journey Autism & Behavioral Care Centers provides evidence-based ABA therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our concierge autism treatment programs are available to families across the Boston metropolitan area. Through in-home therapy, our dedicated team helps clients reach their goals and participate more fully in daily activities they find valuable.

Support for the whole family is central to who we are, and we offer guidance throughout the whole process. We start at step one by getting to know your whole child and analyzing his or her behavioral and developmental history, then offer services driven by clinical expertise.

What Sets Journey Autism & Behavioral Care Centers Apart?

  • Clinical programs led by experts in the field of ABA

  • Additional clinical supervision by experienced BCBAs

  • Ongoing professional development and training for clinical staff

  • A family-centered approach for our clients

  • Our Family Support Team walks every client through the intake process

  • Guidance on long-term success in achieving goals

We have the training and expertise to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our clients over time. Our ultimate goal is to work with clients when they are initially diagnosed until they complete school or otherwise graduate from ABA services.

What We Offer

Our clinical experience tells us that the needs and goals of children with ASD change and may become more complex as these individuals develop. That’s why our services are available to individuals of all levels of need and ages. Clients and their families have our support as they reach adolescence and beyond

The therapeutic techniques we offer help increase social and communications skills and reduce potentially harmful or dangerous behaviors that may interfere with ongoing activities. Our center’s highly trained and experienced clinical staff takes an in-depth approach to assessing each individual and meeting them where they are on their journey. They understand each person is unique. The team is equipped to handle even the most complex behavioral needs by providing one-on-one and group family counseling and support.

Ready to get started? Learn more about Journey Autism & Behavioral Care Centers by contacting us at 844.222.4513 or by reaching out online.

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  • Autism Treatment