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Helping Teens with Autism Navigate Their Anger

Teens living with autism can experience angry outbursts due to the frustration they feel with trying to communicate or interact with others. Their anger can get out of control and lead to self-harm or hurting others if they try to interfere without proper training. Helping teens with autism navigate their anger involves giving them the…

learn how aba therapy for autism will help your child overcome autism

What is ABA Therapy For Autism?

What is ABA therapy for autism? ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis and is built on the theory that an autistic child’s behaviors can be developed and improved over time. ABA therapy is an umbrella approach that encompasses a broad spectrum of methods and applications, depending on each child’s condition. ABA therapy for autism provides…

find out what is autism spectrum disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

What is autism spectrum disorder? It is a group of emotional, mental, or physical conditions in which a child has difficulty functioning in social situations, exhibits repetitive behaviors, or seems to be fixated with or focused on certain interests. The term, spectrum, refers to a diverse mixture of behaviors or mindsets within autism. An early…